Saturday, May 31, 2014

Powerful Words.

Something I read in Facebook, which helped me a great deal and I hope this will help whoever is feeling down.

"The next time you are frustrated, the next time you feel acute pain or resentment or unfairness, all you have to do is remember one thing.

I don't even know where I first heard it but this line is one of the most profound and true statements about the human condition.

This moment is not your life. This is just a moment in your life."


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Love from Tokyo

It's my 5th day in Tokyo, & I can't be more grateful.

Having such an amazing time at this amazing city.
I love how polite, courteous & helpful the people are (well, most of them), I love how most places are clean, I love the accessible train stations even though it's a little overwhelming, I love the food (I just love food), & I absolutely LOVE the warm toilet seats!!!!!

It's without a doubt my favorite city.
Here are some of the fond moments I've encountered:

People are always so patient and kind to help us with directions. Even when they can't guide you, they'll apologize.

Service is always so good & sincere.

Feeling serene and at peace at Meiji Shrine. It's like my life is perfect & I had no worries in the world. It's such an incredible feeling.

A couple helped us translate an all-Japanese menu & then bought us a 3000yen sushi platter as a gift!
The chef kept apologizing because he couldn't understand us, and even turned to google translate, hahah.

I had to ask the locals the proper way of eating a certain meal & they didn't mock/laugh at me. They just taught me patiently despite not being able to converse w me.

We didn't book any reservations for owl cafe & there was a sign saying they were fully booked. We were a lil disappointed & was about to leave but they stopped us, & said they are able to squeeze in 2 more pax.

We have 2 more days here, & I'm sure I'll love it. I'll definitely visit again!