Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wing's 21st!

TMG celebrated Wing's birthday on 11th March 2013!
(Actual date 15th)

K picked me & Megs to town to run some errands(cake lol).

Decided on this from Taka!

We almost bought Pandora for her!
The day before, she told us it's not her style. PHEW!
So we decided to trick her.
Small box: "It's in the other box!"
Trying to make her think we put the bracelet & charm tgt.

Gorgeous vintage setup.

As usual, the rest were late. Camwhoring session:

I honestly can't remember the names but all of them were good!


Gift time!
Us: Sorry! We didnt know you didnt like Pandora!!
Wing: It's ok it's ok! /fakesmileforthecam

The real gift.

Please compare it yourself LOL. Toomuch.

Cannot. Stop. Smiling.
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TMG (less Jolene). And yes we are all dressed in blue upon request.

Impromptu KBox session!

Surprise #2

Ohai crazygirl!

Happy happy birthday princess!
TMG  You


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

CNY 2013 - Bali!

Finally Here to blog about my Bali trip!

9th February 2013

Sweet morning

Villa Turkuaz!


Living room

Resting area on 2nd floor

Shared a room w my step-sis Angela

Dinner at Golden Lotus

Step-mum's sister's family.

Youngsters :P

Louhei! Theirs tasted different from ours.

Pathetic steamboat, I can finish it all lor so little only hahaha.
1 plate of pork, chicken, fish, tofu, squid each, shared amoungst 8.

Peking Duck!

Fav steamed fish!

Tried to shop after dinner but it was too late,
all the shops were closed ):

10th February 2013

Woke up to cows, so awesome!

Off for Seawalk!

The only decent photo of me without makeup lol!

My first under-water experience!

Oh, just the view from where we had lunch, no big deal.
Hahahaha it was spectacular! Instant moment of peace.
Didn't feel like leaving.

White water rafting!! My favorite activity from this trip!

See the seeds? Heard of Kopi Luwak?
We got to see the whole process!

They feed these seeds to the Luwak

It refuses to pose for the camera!

Ok here's one from Google.
(It's actually not so nice-looking in real life but I purposely find a cute one LOL)

They had to pick these out from the luwak's waste. & clean it of course.

Old man roasting the seeds, old woman pounding it into powder form.

We did try. But it's not suited for most Sgporeans.
I love their mocha though!

Had our dinner here, they have a very interesting concept.

The "forests" refer to the staff.
If you need any assistance(order/bill), you have to flip the board:

to stop them!

All of the staff possessed a great amount of energy and enthusiasm which really made us(or rather, me) enjoy the dinner!


I'm the only one who had pasta.

All 7 of them had Fish & Chips lol!

One of the staff thought I was Korean I so happy :D

Horse carriages!
Surprisingly they dont stink that much.
But they really seem so unhappy ):

11th February 2013
Most excited for this day because...

 My Dad planned a horse riding trip for us!!

Us w our horse tags.
I was supposed to get Aldima but they changed it to Bimbim instead.

I waited quite awhile for my horse so I was the last.
My guide was so kind to snap these pics for me!

Bimbim loves the water!

Look at how far apart I was from them, hahaa.
I already zoomed in on my camera!

I cannot describe in words how pretty the scenery was.

I asked my guide to pick pebbles for me heehee!
Pebbles from the glittery black sand of Bali!

The King of my life!
(Formerly my ATM hahahaha!!!)

All of us.

Next up: ATV Ride. I was petrified!
I think I was the only one who kept screaming LOL!

This oldman drove like one F1 driver. Just zua only!

Please promise you'll continue to read my blog after these photos..

HAHAHA my unglam shots.
Screaming. Unsure face. Even closing my eyes LOL!

Step-siblings Andy & Angela.

Thank you for saving my life hahahaha!

After all the fun, we were famished!
Came to this famous ribs place.

After which was SHOPPING! Finally hahaha.

Erm, BBQ dinner at the villa. Awesome prawns!

12th February 2013

Home sweet home! ♥

Sweetest boy came to fetch us.
He joined us for lunch at my Aunt's place before we head off to K's for ...

TMG gathering!

I was dead beat.