Monday, December 1, 2014

Brunch with Lang Leav

29th November 2014

It all started when I stumbled upon a piece of writing in Tumblr. 
So many pieces of her writings spoke to me beyond the surface of words and dug out all the emotions I felt within. I'd never imagined I would have a chance to meet her face-to-face!

A few weeks ago, Megan joined a contest organised by Cleo for a chance to have brunch w Lang, and winners get to bring a friend along. Could you picture how ecstatic I was when she told me we won! My goodness I felt so faint!

THANK YOU Megs, for choosing to bring me! This means the world to me.

Penguin Books Singapore (PBS) and Cleo decided to have the brunch at Antoinette @ Penhas, a classy yet cosy setting. Perfect!

These beautiful menu were designed by PBS! The dishes were handpicked as well! Felt really special. Yes, we get to keep them (:

The ladies and our food. Turned out to be quite a girly affair, talking about love, life and what-not. Definitely a great sharing session!

Check out our fabulous looking cakes! Don't they look royal??
Unfortunately we were too full to finish them but they were amazing!

Then I popped the question:

"Can we take a selfie?"

Hahahaha Lang looks so pretty here! She really should smile more, don't you agree!

So that kind of started the Photography Session.

My favourite picture of the day, holding on to my signed copies of her book, heart thumping like crazy. Trying my best to hide the exhilaration from bursting out of my face. 

A big big thank you to Penguin Books Singapore, Cleo, Antoinette @ Penhas, Megan as well as Lang for this lovely brunch. It was nothing short of magical.
Lang talked about how it all started, some of her other interests, a tiny bit about her upcoming plans, shared some precious photos of her loved ones, and even read her favourite piece to us.